Pipe Expansion & Contraction Solutions

Thermal pipe expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes within pipework is a significant phenomenon that cannot be overlooked.  It is often not the amount of expansion which is of concern as much as its relationship with pipe supports and brackets.  Often, if the expansion is overlooked or ignored, incorrect supports are used and possibly no anchors.  The result is damage to the pipework, pipe supports and even to the building fabric.

EXCO believe that thermal expansion and contraction need not be as big a problem if the solution is built into the design at an early stage.  We will look at using the inherent flexibility within pipe to take up movement.  It is not always practical to do this, and we will look at all options and relationships between the pipework, pipe supports and of course anchor positions.  Our solution options will be based on what we think is required to complete the project correctly, reducing anchor loads, and advice on the supporting and guiding of the pipework where required.

We can review drawings, and mark up with relevant comments, and supply supporting calculations, and return for consideration.

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