EXCO Fire Rated Expanding Foam is a polyurethane based product which sets into its elastic form by using moisture present in the atmosphere.

It is suitable for filling gaps around window and door frames, backfilling around service penetrations and filling irregular or awkward gaps. EXCO Fire Rated Expanding Foam expands to 40 times its original volume.

EXCO Fire Rated Expanding Foam is fire rated up to 2 hours and offers excellent adhesion to many common building substrates and once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted and plastered over.


Surfaces must be firm, clean and free of dust and loose particles. The cavity or voided area to be filled should be moistened with water to aid adhesion to the substrate. It may be necessary to use a primer prior to the application of the foam. Ensure the surrounding area is protected, particularly when using in retro-fit situations.

Shake the can thoroughly, then attach the adapter to the canister nozzle.

It is important to use the foam within temperature controlled environments, the minimum temperature to which the foam can be installed should be no less than 20°C. If the temperature is below 20°C the foam may show signs of slumping and irregular expansion.


Gap Width (mm) Gap Depth (mm) Fire Rating Integrity Fire Rating Insulation
10mm 200mm 120 minutes 120 minutes
20mm 200mm 120 minutes 120 minutes
30mm 200mm 120 minutes 120 minutes
40mm 200mm 120 minutes 120 minutes


Transportation & Storage

Not classified as hazardous for road, rail or sea transport. Not generally suitable for transport by air. Cans should not be left in overheated environment, temperatures above 50°C or exposed to direct sunlight. Ensure that empty cans are disposed of safely in accordance with local regulations.