EXCO Ltd Intumescent Pipe Wrap sealed into compartment floor using EXCO Firestop Compound.

Pipe Wraps comprise layers of a graphite based intumescent sheet encapsulated in a polythene sheath. The product is manufactured to be wrapped around the outside diameter of the pipework or trunking and is secured by means of a self-adhesive strip. The Intumescent Pipe Wrap is then positioned within the compartment wall or floor so that the edge of the product is left exposed at the face of the wall or soffit.

The Intumescent Pipe Wrap is then sealed into the structure with EXCO Ltd Firestop Compound.

Under fire conditions, the intumescent material expands against the structure and fills the void left by the burnt out plastic.

For walls it may be necessary to fit two wraps depending on the fire risk areas concerned and if the wall thickness exceeds 150mm.

Fire Rating

Outside ø of Pipework (mm) Fire Rating (hours)
55 2 – 4
82 2 – 4
110 2 – 4
160 2 – 4



Install EXCO Ltd Intumescent Pipe Wraps to provide up to 4 hours’ fire protection to all plastic pipework and electrical trunking where they pass through fire rated walls and floors. Installation to be fully in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. See below for contact details.