Fire Compound1

Tested to BS476 Part 20, Firestop Compound provides up to 6 hours fire protection.

  • Smoke seal
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Suitable for making good around most types of service penetrations
  • Load bearing
  • Simple installation
  • No smoke emission
  • Maintenance free
  • Unaffected by humidity


Firestop Compound is a specially formulated gypsum based mortar, which is mixed with water to be trowelled or poured around service penetrations.

In floors, EXCO Ltd permanent shutter panel (50mm) is cut and fiction fitted between services and the edges of the floor slab. Firestop Compound is then trowelled over the shutter to a depth of 25mm thick.* This is allowed to cure. The Firestop Compound is then mixed to a pouring grade and tops the seal up to the required depth. In walls, Firestop Compound is mixed into a stiff consistency for trowelling into openings.* Firestop Compound sets in 30-45 minutes and is capable of accommodating foot traffic in approximately 72 hours.

*Plastic pipework must be protected with either EXCO Ltd Fire Stop Collars or Intumescent Pipe Wraps. (See data sheets)

Fire Rating

Fire Rating Thickness of Compound (mm)
1 – 2 hours 75
3 – 6 hours 100


Thickness of Compound (mm) Number of Bags / m2
 75 3.15
100 4.2
150 6.3

There are approximate calculations based on 22kg bags. The coverage does not take into account the percentage of the hole filled with services.

Acoustic Rating

Thickness of Compound (mm) Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw)
75 39 db
100 46 db
150 51 db

Load Bearing

Thickness of Compound (mm) Load Bearing Area Free of Service (mm)
75 500 x 500
100 750 x 750

Openings larger than 750mm x 750mm clear area need to be reinforced.



Install EXCO Ltd Firestop Compound to provide 1, 2, 3 or 4 hour fire rating to all service penetrations through all fire rated walls and floors. Installation to be fully in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.